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Swallows in bloom

Travelling internationally as a wildlife photographer comes with its own very unique set of challenges, not least of which is lugging around large, expensive and heavy camera equipment. I am visiting south west Turkey, and came across a swallow nest in a small structure, situated next to a freshwater lake. There were easily 10-15 swallows flying around, but in the noon-day Mediterranean sun, I

Kingfisher o’clock

Just down the road from where I live is a nature reserve that is home to resident kingfishers. I am unashamedly captivated by these magnificent yet common birds. Based purely on how infrequently most people see them, you would be forgiven for thinking that kingfishers are not that common. However that is not the case. Kingfishers are a resident species throughout the UK and

Love is in the air

In June, I had the privilege of photographing my friends wedding in the Brecon Beacons. A couple of months before, I did their engagement shoot! In addition to my Canon EF 25-105mm lens I brought for the wedding, I also packed my EF 500mm f/4 prime – just in case I had time for my favourite activity, bird photography. The morning of Jethro’s wedding,

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Jonathan Smithies is a British wildlife photographer currently living in Bristol. He has a passion for photographing birds and enjoys travelling throughout the UK and abroad.